Behind a Window in Locke Ca.

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    terry connelly

      These were dying plants in a window in the town of Locke Ca. I welcome any and all thoughts. Thank youBehind a Window in Locke Ca.

      terry connelly



        SteveM CompChair

          I like the chaos and unknown about it. For me there is no initial impact but I want to keep looking to figure out the meaning or appeal. Also I think it needs to be seen larger than is what currently available in this free forum.

          I’m curious what you felt, saw, and intended when capturing this image.


            I also wish I could see a larger version.  I like the mystery of the shot, especially the “fogginess” of the image.  I can’t tell if the “fog” is from a dirty window pane or if there was something inside that was truly foggy – which adds to the mystery.   I’m also having fun looking for a secret subject.  I love your watermark BTW….very fancy ?


              Interesting parts to explore and I enjoy the prominence of charcoal and tan. Yet I want to find that secret subtle something that was not obvious, like eyes looking back at me… or ???

              Herbert Gaidus

                Hi Terry,

                Not much to add, except that I am sure that this image would benefit from viewing in larger format.

                As is, I am not sure where my eyes should land, or whether it should be considered an abstract.

                I like the colors – a hint of dark desaturated blue with complementary yellow. Maybe play with them at different levels of brightness and saturation?

                terry connelly

                  Good Question Steve, My first reaction was Wow! Look at that! I was taking in Locke in General and trying to absorb the history. With that, you can’t escape the sense of things decaying around you. Locke is an amazing place! It is also in danger if they do not get funding to help keep these buildings up. This window, which is on a building that faces the main road but faces the alleyway to the right felt like it spoke to both the history and the decay. What was it originally? Do these dead plants come from outside or are did they grow from inside. Yes, there is mystery here.

                  Also, we are used to looking for a subject. It may be without one it just won’t play to a larger audience. For me, though it is more about the feeling it evokes than making sense out of it. Then again, I have the memory and knowledge about where it was taken.

                  Wonderfully thoughtful comments, I am very grateful. Seeing through your eyes helps me form my own conclusions and grow. Thank you

                  terry connelly

                    Thank you Phill, I have not used signatures before as I have felt they can detract from the work which to me is far more important than my name. This is feeling OK to me though as it doesn’t feel too distracting. I keep evolving and for now I’ll probably continue to play with this. Appreciated your comments.

                    Steve Muench

                      I’m puzzled by people being unable to view in a larger format. I just right-clicked to “Open image in new tab” and then used the standard browser functions to zoom in and out. Does this help?

                      Anyway, to see what I see, the image can become something different (not better or worse) where that difference leads one back to seeing the original more deeply:

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