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    terry connelly

      20220712-3U0A1274.jpg 2When it comes to birds I need all the help I can get. Anything you can share will be welcomed. I feel like there is a quality to these birds that seem artificial ( no not talking about the sky and yes it is one of mine added. ) Please just be honest about what you see. Ego isn’t one of my issues, I just want to learn more.

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        For some reason, it seems like the bird is a monstrous size. Perhaps it’s the sky, but that doesn’t make sense as the reason. Perhaps more of the scene for context. I’m not sure but it just seems something about the scale is wrong, like the rocks look like boulders and that makes the bird a Giant.

        The bird itself looks great. I would enhance the eye highlight to white.



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        Steve Ruddy

          I agree about perceived size. I love it for the Godzilla qualities but if your trying to put this bird in a realistic scene you’ll want to put all the elements in proportion. If you didn’t add the foreground I don’t  think the comp works very well.


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          terry connelly

            Thank you both, I know I can always depend on you for thoughtful and helpful advice.

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