End of month Field Trip Zoom Meeting

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    Tony Reynes

      These will start again in 2023.


      There will be a meeting held on xxxxxx starting at 5 pm to cover the field trips to xxxxxxx.

      You can upload a total of 6 images for all the trips this month. Here is how to do it:

      Prepare your images , in terms of size and file type, just like you are entering competition. Add your name as title

      Just like competition, go to the Visual Pursuits site, log in and go to the My Account tab and then to My Galleries

      There you will scroll down to Field Trips Discussion; click the little triangle there; then, on the right, click on Edit and Upload Images.

      They can either be pulled from your Library if you put them there, or be directly uploaded from elsewhere by drag and drop.

      You are now done!

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