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    Tony Reynes

      Field Trips in 2024

      Our past field trips needed some sprucing up for 2024. Here are four issues addressed for next year.

      1.      Confusion: some prior months had up to three trips offered and some would have no host or leadership. In 2024, there will be only one “official trip “per month and almost all will have a host/guide. There may also be an optional event listed, but it will neither be guided nor tied in with a social occasion.

      2.      Lack of getting together: almost every 2024 trip will be paired with a pre or post get-together. It is expected that most members will do the trip, but if they want, they can just go to the get-together at the time and place listed.

      3.      I-missed-the-zoom-itis: next year, with only one exception, Zoom meetings will be held every two months on the last Friday of the month from 5-6 pm. The meeting will cover a two month period. There will be a couple of reminders before each Zoom. In case a person can’t make it, each meeting is recorded and available through the club website.

      4.      Communication: all field trip information will be published at least three months in advance. There are three sources to keep people up to date:

      –          Club Calendar                               where and when

      –          Club Forum>Field trips 2024     full descriptions

      –          Club Zoom Calendar                    Zoom Meeting URL




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