Future Directions for the Club

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    Herbert Gaidus

      I’m starting a new thread on this topic in case anyone has some suggestions on things that could be done better, and/or to improve participation levels.

      Please leave a comment here, and this too can be used to help develop agenda items for the next board meeting.

      Best, Herb


        In case many weren’t aware, Ellen Storz has been organizing SRPS print exhibitions for the club, including one just last July-September 2023 at Finley in Santa Rosa.

        Here’s a copy/paste of her 2023 email describing entering in it – to give you an idea that many members do print and exhibit.

        Reminder – the due date, May 15th 2023 is coming up for our July-September 2023 show in the Person Wing of the Santa Rosa Finley Community Center.

        We will be on the second floor which has a wide hall with great walls and lighting. The show will run from July 6th thru September 20th.

        Our reception is already listed in the Santa Rosa City Guide. – July 6th 5-7pm. Check out the second page – https://issuu.com/santarosarecreationandparks/docs/spring-summer_2023_web_with_links

        Since our last show had a creative theme, this show will be called “Person, Place or Thing”. The name describes the theme.

        There is 106 lineal feet of wall space, so we should be able to have a large show.

        There is no gallery or rental fee for this show, so the receipts from all sales will go to each artist.

        May 15th will be the deadline for submitting your entries. Submit up to 3 entries, indicating your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. We will choose as many as we can depending on the total number submitted.  Steve Meunch has set up a gallery for the submittals. Go to our competition web site, Organization -> Galleries -> SRPS Exhibitions -> Person Place or Thing

        The image labels will be developed from information you provide with your entry. If you wish to sell your printed images at the exhibition, you will need to enter a price with the label info. Your images may be designated NFS if you want only to show them but not sell them.

        Herbert Gaidus

          Thanks Nancy,

          I’ll try to get something to submit for this one.



            Sorry, I was unclear. I was copying what Ellen as Exhibition Chair was sending out last year for last year’s 2023 exhibition to show that SRPS does do print exhibitions. Nice ones too.

            I don’t know what is planned for 2024.

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