How to Upload Field Trip Images for Monthly Zoom Meetings

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    Tony Reynes


      1. Pick out your images for the Zoom meeting. Make sure that you check elsewhere the number that can be uploaded.

      2.Prepare these images to the specs you use to upload images for competition: JPEG format; image sizes  are horizontal 1920 x 1200p; vertical 800 x 1200p; square 1200 x 1200p.

      3. All images must be uploaded by the day before the scheduled meeting.

      4. The host (Tony) will arrange them in Lightroom to prepare them for a Zoom meeting at the address shown on the Zoom Meeting tab in the SRPS web site.

      5. Bill Stacy will set up the Zoom meeting and act as co-host. The meeting will start sharp at 5 pm. Normally they are held bi-monthly on the last Friday of the month.

      6. The host/Tony will show all the images of one person at a time and they will tersely narrate them. After that, there will be time for comments.

      7. Specific details for each meeting can be found on the club calendar and zoom meetings tabs.



      1. Just like competition, go to the Visual Pursuits site, log in and go to the My Account tab and then to My Galleries

      2.There, you will scroll down to Field Trips Discussions; on the right, click on Edit and Upload images…….just like competition.

      3. They then can either be pulled from your Library if you uploaded them there, or directly uploaded by drag and drop. The max is usually 5 images uploaded.

      4. NOT LIKE COMPETITION, title each of your images as: your last name and the number 1 through 5.






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