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    Bill Theis

      Due to an unavoidable circumstance, I was unable to start the zoom meeting last Thursday on time.  Meeting was about an hour or so in.  I was unable to join for the remainder!  just when is the cutoff for preventing someone from joining even if the meeting is still in progress?

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      Steve Ruddy

        Hi Bill,

        Steve M will step in and give you all the details. We used to get a link in the SRPS group email. This link didn’t expire and it also had a zoom meeting number that you could use as well. I think it was changed to this new method because of fear of spam and or hacking. I’m not sure why the intial method could not be used in addition with the current method but I’m sure Steve M is on it.


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        SteveM CompChair


          I have an open problem ticket with Zoom. You may be hearing from them (they requested your email address) as they research this problem.

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          Bill Theis

            feel free to provide my email address

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