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      Member Moments are brief 10-minute slide shows by members, sharing a topic of interest.  Our next Program Member Moment on September 22 will be  “Horses” by Bill Stacy.  This will be the final MM for this calendar year.

      We are asking for volunteers in 2023 beginning February 23.   MM help us as a club to know one another and share something of our photo world.  We hope everyone will join in the fun.   Contact :Anne Abrams to schedule your MM for 2023.

      Thank you,

      Program committee:

      Anne, Liz and Lynda

      Thanks to the following for your MM in 2022:  Anne Abrams, Mike Funk, Gary Saxe,  Ronnie Rosenbach, Trisha Brown, and Bill Stacy.

      Thank you to Bill Stacy for providing technical assistance to participants!

      SteveM CompChair

        Thanks Anne  for helping make this happen I really enjoy the moments! 🙂



          Thanks Steve.  I enjoy them too and its another way to get to know members.  I hope eventually everyone will do one.  It’s easy, just a matter of selecting a few photos from the many and showing them for 10 minutes.  Think about what yours might be! And when…..


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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