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    Tony Reynes

      Master Mentors List

      The list of subjects each master is offering does not preclude other areas

      they might be willing to share with the person they are mentoring. Camera

      function as well as postproduction might all be a part of what is shared as

      well as the subjects listed. Those who mentor and those who are being

      mentored are in complete control of how they chose to set up their



      Terry Connelly or 1 707 837-9048

      Creative / Photoshop Skills

      What constitutes a creative image, how to visualize and create that vision

      using Photoshop. In so doing you will also learn post processing

      techniques that will serve you in any photographic endeavor.

      Most work would be on computer at my house or yours. I am open to how

      this is arranged.


      Bill Stacy cell: 408-694-7161

      I am always up for a discussion of photographs.

      My interests are photographing people doing things, wildlife doing things,

      and nature in general. Lately I have been dabbling in “creative.”

      Photoshop/Topaz is my processing tool of choice.

      My preference would be to do this with Zoom in short sessions, about 30 to

      40 minutes each.


      Jack Florence

      Black and White and Infrared

      This would take the form of either a) email / critique and correspondence,

      or b) zoom video calls to go over post processing or c) field visits to shoot

      infrared photography either at my place or another place. I don’t use

      photoshop or Lightroom, so my point of view would be mostly what

      consider in-camera, or general editing such as how to use contrast and

      color channel adjustments in processing black and white images.

      Communication could be in person, by phone, by email, and by Zoom. I

      think Zoom is an especially interesting tool for this sort of interaction.


      Herb Gaidus


      Color Theory and Practice in Photographic Images

      How can one craft successfully color images if you weren’t born with an

      innate sense of color? Color theory can help plan a direction and modern

      editing tools can be used to implement that vision.

      While complete mastery of color is a lifelong pursuit, (and I have only taken

      the first few steps), much progress can be made through the study of the

      topic on YouTube and other educational resources.

      I see myself as a facilitator in your own studies, giving direction on how to

      begin your own exploration and perhaps try to help implement the theory in

      your own images. Most workflows would be via email with exchanges of

      image files used for examples.


      Liz Lawson – 707-695-3033


      Walking or hiking partner to our Sonoma County Regional Parks for

      someone who is not familiar with Sonoma County or doesn’t wish to

      venture out alone. We can take advantage of what nature has to offer.

      Never leave home without your camera! ;o)

      Feedback on images via email and phone. I use Photoshop with some

      Topaz products.

      Matting your photo for an upcoming exhibit? I can help get you started on

      mats up to 24”


      Anne Abrams

      I have been exploring iphonography as a creative tool in my photography.

      I began when I lost strength and mobility in my hands after surgery. I am

      learning about my new iPhone 14 and would enjoy exchanging ideas,

      techniques and apps with other iPhone or smart phone users.

      Communication could be in person, by phone, by email, and by Zoom.


      Tamara Krautkramer

      Travel, Journalism, Pictorial and Nature are the SRPS categories in which I

      am usually competing.

      Recently, I have taken up color nature photography, but prior to that I

      focused on street and travel images, frequently in BW. Happy to help with

      overall reviews of images, such as defining your audience, intent, mood,

      point of view, and also more ‘tech” considerations such as camera settings,

      post-processing, conversion to BW, and processing to enhance and

      communicate your intent. I love Lightroom Classic and now use it almost


      Happy to discuss images not intended for SRPS, or images for SRPS

      competition. Images for SRPS competitions may require/benefit from

      specific processing, effective titling, and in my opinion, can require a

      slightly different mindset.

      I live in Kenya, one can’t call me easily as we are 11 hours ahead. That

      said, it makes mornings and evenings work for me and for the person on

      the other end. Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp work well, and email is

      easy, too.


      Michael Funk or 707-772-6682

      Sports photography, lighting, both on the field and in the studio or on

      location. Zoom or in person. Camera settings, setups etc.


      Steve Gibbs or 707-483-0146


      What to buy, what they cost, how to learn, what laws to observe and how to



      Beginner through advanced

      Contact mainly by remote; maybe some on-site work.


      Tim Allen

      Architectural Photograph / Stock Sales


      Tony Reynes or 847-778-6989

      Tony is a professional photographer who is also an educator. He is a wonderful source for composition and most anything to do with Lightroom or Photoshop. Once a month he conducts a critique service for anyone entering their images into competition. Visit the club calendar to sign up for “critique night”.


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