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      Currently SRPS is in sore need of the following volunteer positions:

      Vice-President – Appoints the Advancement Committee and may serve as an alternate; notifies Master candidates of their eligibility and procedures to follow, receives the Candidate’s Masters Presentation Outline, schedules a Masters Presentation date, and when all requirements have been met, confirms to the candidate his/her advancement to the Master level. Performs the duties of the President in her/his absence. Assumes the duties of the President In the event the President is unable to complete an elected term. Authorized to co-sign checks.

      Social Event Coordinator: (Schedule in-person social events for club members either at a Member’s home or at a minimal cost public venue such a county park or family bar. Frequency of events can be monthly or bi-monthly depending on persons other non-SRPS interests)

      Competition Projectionist – Alternate: (Backup to Steve Muench’s duties in showing uploaded member photos during Competition Nights. Volunteer will need to learn both our Visual Pursuits Software and details of hosting a Zoom Meeting for club members.)

      Zoom Meeting Coordinator – Alternates, multiple [prefer at least 2 persons]: (Backup to Bill Stacy’s role to Host Zoom Meetings for Competition Night, Program Night, and other meetings such as the Field Trip post-photo review sessions. Volunteer will need to learn details of hosting a Zoom Meeting for club members.)

      Field Trip Coordinator – Assistant: (Backup to Tony Reynes volunteer duties as our Field Trip Coordinator. Tony projects a maximum of 2-hours per month in helping in this role.)

      Additional Member to Review Committee: (Steve Muench our Competition Chair and head of the Photo Review Committee is looking for one (1) additional member. The members of the Review Committee assess all member’s photos submitted to Competition each month for their compliance to the SRPS Photo Competition Rules. Training is provided on how to assess pictures in relationship to Competition Rules.)

      N4C Representative: Informs the Club as to all N4C programs and activities and obtains N4C materials and program information for the Club, announces winners and distributes winner certificates at meetings, and announces N4C competition results to membership. N4C Board Meetings occur on the 2nd Monday of every month in the evening via Zoom.

      If there are club members who may be interested in volunteering for any of these positions please contact me directly (; 707.290.7097). If there are questions members can contact me directly or post your questions in the forum & I will reply.

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