Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds NM, 2011

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    Steve Muench

      But you did see my other PNGs like the Yakima one because you commented on it. That one PNG must have a problem.






          This is Storm over the Painted Hills Unit, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon. 2011

          I took many of your suggestions, and then, of course, went my own way with it in Capture One.

          I see some of my adjustments increased contrast where I had reduced the contrast when I started.

          It’s certainly a project-in-motion.11-10-31_1300159_var6_19-34-24_var3_16-42-01_1920x1200 LOGO


            Here’s today’s revisions.

            I added an orange fill layer, hard mix mode @4% fill, in PS CS6, then reduced overall clarity plus more in the center.


            11-10-31_1300159_var6_19-34-24_var3_17-54-56orangehardmix4a_var2_18-42-59_1920x1200 LOGO


              It’s still too busy, albeit closer to my vision. Know that dramatic is my intent, not photo-realism.

              I sent this as one of three to be critiqued in the second Nevada Wier zoom class next weekend. It’s got analogous as well as complementary colors, layers, and contrast. Her three ‘things. Probably too many for me.

              NancyGoodenough3 Analagous and Compl colors_Layers_too busy_PaintedHillsUnit_OR

              Herbert Gaidus

                Awesome Capture Nancy,

                Was this taken from the Painted Hills overlook?

                It has your classic dark and dramatic style.

                I’m coming at my landscapes from an entirely different direction these days, so take any counsel I give with a large grain of salt.

                I think it has a great composition with good flow.

                The major challenges for my taste are the abundance of detail, with little place for the eye to rest. The image is a bit dark and contrasty, but that is often your style.

                I’m undecided on the detailed sky – it seems like it should be a bit lighter and have a bit of blue, but what you’ve created is certainly dramatic.

                Very bold..

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