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    SteveM CompChair

      By registering and making posts on SRPS Forums, you agree to abide by the Forum Rules of Use, both stated and unstated



      Think of SRPS Forums as public plaza where everyone can hear what you say and everyone can reply to you.  A place where you meet regulars every day, and all the strangers know you too, even if you don’t know all of them yet. Remember: do not post when you are angry or under the influence (seriously!). Respect members (especially newbies) by giving full answers, “do a search” or “rtfm” is banned here and will result in post being removed. Personal attacks or harassment are not tolerated at all. Political and religious discussions are not allowed. You must own copyright to all photos you post, or have permission from the author.


      Here are some rules of etiquette. Basically use the Golden Rule and  don’t be a jerk.

      • Have fun!
      • See Rule Number 1!!!
      • Don’t post personal information like home address or email
      • People cannot see your face, use smileys when needed
      • We think empathy ,caring and sharing is cool
      • Intelligence is valued but not required
      • Though we encourage members to engage in healthy debate, we do not condone personal attacks on members. Ideas can be disputed or challenged, but attacks on a personal level are unacceptable and when they are discovered or brought to the attention of the staff, will be dealt with accordingly. Idea can be attacked, but individuals cannot.
      • You will not “stalk” or otherwise harass other members.
      • Goodbye posts (post seeking attention when you are abandoning the forums) are forbidden.
      • If you know an answer to a question either answer it or say nothing. Giving newbies blunt answers like “search the forum” is not allowed – please use the typing effort to giving the answer instead. Or just give the link to that post you wished the newbie should have searched for. Respect newbies – you were a newbie once.
      • Promoting a site or business in which you are involved and/or solicitations are expressly prohibited on these Forums.


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