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    SteveM CompChair

      This Topic will include conversation about our new Social Gatherings. Terry Connelly is our coordinator, and she is currently taking a poll. On her request I have copied the SRPS group email. I am very excited about the direction the club is taking and hope you all are as well. Thank you Terry for taking on this very important position! 🙂

      SteveM CompChair

        Here is a copy of the SRPS group email Terry sent out this morning.

        Last week I sent out a questionnaire regarding the Social Gatherings the club is planning. I want to thank the 26 members who got back to me. Getting information such as this is really helpful in setting up these opportunities. If you have not taken the time to answer please do. It is not too late and your answers matter ?


        So far the response looks like this:
        Plan to attend:     23 yes       2 maybe          1 after Covid There was one request that gatherings include educational opportunities. (that will be my goal)

        Bring spouses:      16 No        5 maybe          4 spouse is member

        Potluck:                22 yes       2 maybe          2 no

        Clean-up before:   16 yes       5 maybe          5 no

        Clean-up after:      19 yes      5 maybe          2 no


        As we got a late start this month it is not looking like a social gathering is going to happen. We were working with Forks Café, but it turned out they were booked solid thru May. This is still a possibility for another month. We have booked Ragle Park for Sunday June 19th. The site holds up to 50, there is also a $7 parking fee. As we draw nearer I will send out a request for a count of how many will be joining and what you intend to bring as this will be a potluck. I will also include time and location and anything else that needs to be shared with you. As discussed before the tables will be set up according to the type of cameras we use so we can share and learn more from each other about the equipment we use. Of course, everyone is free to sit where ever they please, but I hope you all will consider this an opportunity to learn more about your equipment and a chance to perhaps meet others you have not met before. BTW, I am aware that the 19th is Father’s Day and hope that will not be a problem for some who want to join us. I had tried for the 18th but Ragle was booked. Parks book early which is going to be problematic and will make booking early even more important.

        That is, it for now. I will put this up on the New forum Steve Ruddy created for us so you can refer back to it. It will be in the Event Thread. If you have not yet had a chance to check out the forum we hope you will. It may seem a bit intimidating as it is a format that many have not used before. Like everything in life once you get used to it, it is simple. Please do not hesitate to ask for help if you have any problems or questions. The forum is there to ask questions or make comments and of course you can always email me at

        and I will be happy to do what I can.


        Thank you for your patience during this process


        terry connelly

          Here is the latest on the First Social Gathering Potluck to be held at Ragle Range on June 19th at noon.

          We have rented the area known as Lions Grove Picnic Area. Lions Grove is below the tennis area. The site can sit up to 50 members. If you have a regional parks pass parking is free otherwise parking is $7.  Map

          Hope we can make this a wonderful opportunity to get together in a social setting, get to know each other better and learn something as well.

          It will help us to know the questions below so please take the time to answer them and send back to me. Do not hesitate to email me privately at Please do not send out as a reply all.

          Thank you


          So far we have 11 who have responded that they will be attending. 4 of those use Sony mirrorless, 2 Nikon, 2 Canon mirrorless, and 2 Olympus. I am looking forward to learning more from members who share my camera and I hope others of you are also.

          Plan to attend:


          Dish I plan to bring:


          Camera Brand, EF or mirrorless:

          terry connelly

            Thank you Steve R 🙂

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