Sunday June 19th Potluck at Ragle Ranch

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    terry connelly


      Last reminder that the first Social Gathering of the SRPS will be this coming Sunday at noon at Ragle Ranch. We have the site until 5.

      We have rented the area known as Lions Grove Picnic Area. Lions Grove is below the tennis area. If you have regional parks pass parking is free otherwise parking is $7   Map

      Ellen has provided these helpful directions: When you go in, first you will see a Kiosk. You will only need to stop there if a ranger is present, or you need to put money in the “iron” ranger.  Then turn right and go to the parking lot to park. From the North end of the parking lot, look for a dirt trail that goes up into the trees. Lion’s Grove is under the oak and redwood trees on the top of a small knoll. The tables are not visible from the parking lot and lower trail but have faith – that is where it is.


      So far, we have 15 members and up to 3 guest/spouses signed up. The menu seems to be a combination of Salads and a couple of desserts. We will be BBQing, but you will need to bring your own meat to BBQ if you plan to have meat. In addition to any meat, you need to bring a side dish for everyone to share. You need to also bring your own drinks. The club will provide Plates, Cups, and Utensils.

      Bring your cameras with you ?Tables will be set up with a center label of cameras, so far Nikons, Canons, Sony, and Olympus are represented. Please look at this as an opportunity to meet new people and get to know your camera better. This is something we are trying out for the first time. Hopefully, everyone will find it enjoyable as well as educational. If that is the case, we can expand the concept to future get together and do themes such as Gimbals, Tripods, Programs, etc. There is no end of things to learn about in photography. Of course, you are free to sit wherever you like, we hope though that you will give this a chance and try it out.

      If you would be interested in the future in providing your home for a social event, please contact me. There is a need to schedule months ahead of time to get space so knowing and scheduling ahead is extremely important.

      Please let me know if you have any questions. Please do not send to replay all but to me personally at


      Michael Funk


        SteveM CompChair

          These are awesome Mike, thanks for posting!

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