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    terry connelly


      Thank you Michael so much for taking me out today and mentoring me. I have been feeling pretty lost and confused about how to use the focus on my new R5 and 1-500 lens. I am the first to admit birds and animals are not my thing. I feel so much more confortable now though. These aren’t great photos, but they are sharp! Now, I have a path to practice! Had a great time on top of that too 🙂

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        Darn good images, Terry. You’re on your way to becoming a wildlife tog! n

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        terry connelly

          Boy! You are fast Nancy! I think you responded even before I finished. I also need to revise what I said about these being sharp. That Egrett is far from sharp. I have a lot to learn still, but then isnt that part of the journey?

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          Steve Ruddy

            Good examples and pretty amazing how good it works. The R5 is the first camera I have trusted using people AF and I am vey impressed!

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