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    Tony Reynes

      A new shiny Lightroom


      In the last two years my post production work flow has gone from 30% Lightroom/70% Photoshop to 80% Lightroom/20% Photoshop. My images are better and I can optimize them faster.


      In the last two weeks a great deal has been written about what was called at one time “Lightroom Cloud “. I have followed and respected an educator, Matt Kloskowski, for years and he is now a major proponent of this this new iteration that is simply called Lightroom.

      Having taught post production for a long time, I was very interested in his enthusiasm. I read a number of posts and also bought his course on Adobe’s big new introduction. I went through his learning package and I arrived at the conclusion: it is not for me at this point of time.

      Here are my reasons:

      –          At present, there is no face recognition. I need this for a client that uses my images that I take during his conferences

      –          It appears that key word searches can only be done by folders, not hard drives

      –          If I load a majority of my images to the cloud, I may experience a doubling of my monthly fee

      –          I believe that I update an image on the cloud, there will be no synch with the same image on my hard drive

      There are lots of things I really like about the new Lightroom, but I think at this point, I will stick with the old Lightroom Classic for a while.

      Maybe it is right for you, so how about posting your thoughts on the Club Forum: .


        I also watched Matt K’s video on how he has moved from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom (formerly Lightroom CC). The new version of Lightroom doesn’t need accessing Adobe’s cloud, which intrigued me. I figured it would be similar to using Bridge and it is, with the advantage of having access to folders on the same screen as the tools. But…. I watched and read further.

        Lots of issues for me. A big no-go for me:

        No virtual copies.

        Can’t search across what is my current catalog on LRClassic.

        No collections. (Albums in LR, but not across all images on various drives, a showstopper right there. I use Collections with abandon to find textures, clouds, sequences on a subject, a collection of images to work on sometime, portfolio subjects, and on and on.)

        History Panel gone! That’s another showstopper!

        All the edits are stored in a big “library file of sorts”

        Ah, here’s a partial list of features no longer available if used to using LR Classic (from Matt K):

        1. Book, Slideshow, Print, Web and Maps
        2. Export Presets
        3. Plug-in Support – though I think going to PS first is always better then invoke the plug-in from there. (MattK talking here)
        4. Publish Services
        5. Smart Collections
        6. Dual Screens
        7. Smart Objects to PS
        8. Multiple Photos at once to PS
        9. Hierarchical Keywords.
        10. Tethered Shooting
        11. Thorough Renaming tools
        12. Color Labels

        From MattK again. Might be some more features you like that are missing from this new LR version instead of staying with LR Classic:

        Here are the list of “main” features that Lightroom does not have, that LR Classic does.

        It has keywords but not hierarchical keywords. If you don’t know what those are, you don’t need them.
        No Map, Slideshow, Book or Print Modules
        It has an Edit in Photoshop feature but doesn’t have the option that opens multiple photos at the same time, or Smart Objects.
        Plug-in Support – easily fixed by just going to PS first. Plus it’s better because it’s on a layer.
        Dual Screen Support
        Virtual Copies (Sync’d to cloud does, but not local)
        Tethered shooting
        Smart Collections
        Export Presets
        Color labels

        Here’s where Matt K wrote this info… see the FAQ at the very bottom, after all the advertising for his videos….

        I’m sticking with LR Classic,



          I too, follow Matt K and have purchased many of his courses. I purchased his new one, “Evolving with Lightroom.” His course, gave me insights to the benefits and distractors of using Lightroom (Lr) vs. Lightroom Classic (LrC). I agree with Tony that I’m not ready to switch from LrC. My main reason is the limited search capabilities of Lr. I have seven drives hanging off of my Mac, and I need access to all of them. However, I Iagree with Matt that Adobe Lightroom products are evolving. I suspect that Lr will evolve to include broader searches and the more extensive use of keywords. As a note: Matt posted a video apologing for t advertising his new course the way he did.
          I use Lightroom Mobile on my iPad when I travel. It has even more limitations than Lr. I’ve learned to live with it and take as many advantages as I can for what it has. Since I’m using my iPhone 14 Pro Max for almost all of my photography, and it has the advantage of syncing with my iPad. It is also easy to transfer images to Lr Mobile from Photos, both on my iPad. I may try using the web-based Lr as an alternative to Lr Mobile. Knowing that was one of the benefits of getting Matt’s “Evolving with Lightroom” class.


            Tim, I think that the reason LR can’t search across all your images is because they aren’t gathered together in a ‘catalog’ like LR Classic. Having to import into a catalog or sync it is the pain, but it’s what gives us the ability to see across different drives, even when a drive is not connected. Doesn’t mean Adobe won’t find some new magic way to do so in the future though, but that future isn’t now.

            So, I stick with LR Classic. And for many of the reasons I list in my previous post. History. Jeesh. I use that all the time. Does LR do snapshots? That’s an important part of my LR Classic workflow. Collections across all images. Color labels. Virtual copies. Nope.

            I’m also using my iPhone 14 Pro Max mostly now for new images. Will look at what the 2024 iPhone version will bring and see if ready to upgrade so fast, but the tech is moving fast and it’s pretty darn exciting. I’m awaiting mail to bring a 720nm IR filter next week. May try the 10x macro lens from Moment too. n


              Lr won’t search beyond a single directory. In the future it might. It is the main reason not to move to Lr from LrC.

              Yes, Apple is adapting very quickly to new features. Fortunately, software updates have more features without upgrading the phone. Since I’m traveling to Taiwan about once a year, I buy my phone outright. That makes it financially more difficult to upgrade. I moved from a 10 RX to a 14 Pro Max. It will be awhile before moving up again.

              Good luck with you IR filter. I’m not moving in that direction. I’m more interested in the video. Taking a course in that now.

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