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    SteveM CompChair

      I have been getting a lot of questions on general use of the Forums like how to upload a photo, resizing photos, adding links, ect. I was wondering if a video would be a good way to show usage tips and instructions. I believe it would be much easier than making a post with lots of photos. Let me know what you all prefer and I will put it on my list and get er done.

      Steve Muench

        Generally, unless each thing being documented is dependent on the one before it, I am not in favor of video. A good example is the PCS competition website. Frequently when I need to figure out or remember how to do something, the only documentation is a video for which sometimes I have to view the entire video to find what I’m looking for as opposed to something that is searchable or at least viewable as a list where tapping it takes you to that documentation topic.


        Give me a couple of documentation topics, and I will show you an example of how I would document it. Of course, when there are more topics, I will be able to organize it better by topical area. But the example will be a good illustration.


          My preference is text with steps with screenshots. That way I can do the steps one-by-one, and easily go back and see what I was to do.

          With a video, I probably wouldn’t do it as it’s too hard to quickly look at what the steps are. At least for me.

          A video might be nice to get an overview of the topic, but for actually doing it, the steps with screenshots works best IMO.

          Others may prefer video.



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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