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    SteveM CompChair
      • Welcome to the SRPS forms! Please read the Forum Rules and introduce yourself.

        Hi, Nancy Goodenough here. Been a member since 2010, I think. Been an officer or committee chair/member here and there. I love this group. Some of my best friends ever, as well as future-friends. I love the post processing as much or more than the shooting and my intent is to make an impact with whatever I post somewhere. I like to say I shoot The Unexpected. As I aged, I found the wonderful Canon and L lenses too heavy for my shoulders, especially since I liked at least two of them parked there, so in 2015 I moved to Fuji. APS-C sensor, but I still without apology crop to my heart’s content. High ISO doesn’t scare me. Love love critique. That’s why I’m here.


        SteveM CompChair

          Hello All,
          My name is Steve Ruddy. I joined n 2019 so I’m a fairly new member. I’m 65 and got into photography out of necessity for my aquaculture business. This led to a real interest in photography which I never had when I was young.  My father taught me photography, including film developing, and making prints. However I didn’t do anything beyond his training until I needed photos of products I was selling online. My wife purchased me my first digital camera for that purpose and photography became something I wanted to do more. Next thing you know I have a photography business. I have a new studio and still do professional work and am a Canson Certified Print Lab. On the personal side  I am a very active in film photography and have a new darkroom. I getting much better with film, but have a long way to go until I get close to feeling like I have a real handle on it!

          terry connelly

            Hi, my name is Terry Connelly and I am thrilled to finally have a site again where everyone can gather to discuss our work and help each other grow. As a child, I grew up reading my mother’s art and U.S Camera books. In the 70s I learned darkroom development for the small newspaper we started in Round Valley. Later I worked darkroom and paste-up for the Willits News. I also worked for the Heald News and the I.J. I used my closets as Dark rooms up until 2009 when I finally transitioned to Digital. I have learned much in the club over they years and appreciate all the wonderful people along the way who have shared their skills and knowledge with me. I hope I can do the same for others.


            Tony Reynes

              My name is Tony Reynes. I have been a member of SRPS since 2019 when we moved here from the Chicago area. My photographic passion is landscape and teaching. I started serious photography in 2001 with a Nikon Coolpix, went through 6 Canon bodies, tried a Lumix system and now am on my second Sony A7. In Chicago, I was a judge, a president of a 60-member club, a presenter, a founding member of Out of Chicago and started a photo workshop company in 2017 that currently has trips to North Dakota, Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan and Oregon. Today, I am the SRPS Club Tutor and the Club person in charge of field trips.



                Jennifer Marano here!  After 2 days of trying to register, I am finally here.  I have a love-hate relationship with computers, but with cameras it is mostly love.  Before 2017, I knew how to push the shutter button on a point and shoot camera and send the film in to be developed.  Eventually, after the advent of digital, I learned a little about photoshop elements, but not much else.  But in 2017 I decided to take a few more steps and joined SRPS and took a class at the JC.  Photography has brought a lot of joy into my life.  Joy in capturing images, joy in learning how to manipulate and enhance them, joy in meeting such a wonderful group of people.







                  Howdy ya’ll.  Phil Hann here…finally joining in.  I’ve been a member of SRPS since 2007 and have held several offices including Pres, VP, New Members Chair and (currently) Group Email Admin.  My favorite types of photography include making creative images, and capturing candid people pics.   I can remember taking creative photos as early as 8 years of age, but now often find myself referring back to my on-line galleries to jog my aging memory.   My current gear includes a Nikon D810, a 70-200mm f/2.8, a 24-70 f/2.8 and a 16-35 f/4.  I’m also exploring the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro.  I enjoy going on SRPS field trips, and conversing with SRPS members.  I am continually amazed by our many talented club photographers, and inspired by their works of art.


                    I’ve been photographing for most of my life but became serious about photography when I went to Tanzania in 2009. While there I was asked to photograph one of the safari resorts that have luxurious tent facilities in different safari parks throughout Tanzania. They wanted updates for their website.

                    Since then I continue to travel the world with my wife, Jane Ingram Allen. She is an artist, blogger, critic, and curator. I am normally under contract to take photos of her art and projects that she curates and completes while doing residencies. There is also time for me to photograph subjects of my own interest. Besides the U.S.A., I’ve photographed extensively in Asia and Europe, and South America.

                    I’m particularly interested in landscape, street, and documentary photography. Although when I’m at a car and airplane show I’m particularly interested in shapes and design.

                    I photograph with a Canon 70D with a 16 to 300 mm Tamron lens. I also have a Sigma 18-200, a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, and Canon 18-55mm. However, the Tamron lens is my workhorse.

                    My photographs have appeared in numerous newspapers, art magazines, calendars, and books. All the images in the book “Made In Taiwan” by Jane Ingram Allen are my images.

                    I had a one-person exhibition at Hsuiping University in 2008, entitled “Tanzania and Taiwan: A View of Two Countries from One Pair of Eyes”. In May of 2014, I had a one-person exhibition titled “Landscapes by Timothy S. Allen” held at Kun Shan Technical University, Tainan, Taiwan. This exhibition largely focused on my work from a three-month stay on the central coast of Oregon. Here is the link to that exhibition allentimphotos2.wordpress.com/exhibitions/

                    I continue to show in group exhibitions and competitions in Sonoma County, California, and nationally. I’ve been an active member of the Santa Rosa Photographic Society since 2012. The Society is a member of the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs.

                    Herbert Gaidus

                      Greetings fellow SRPS photographers.

                      My name is Herb Gaidus, and I joined the club a few years after moving to the west coast from NJ 6 years ago.

                      I have been active in photography since I was 8 years old, when my Dad introduced me to B&W processing in our home darkroom under the basement stairs.

                      Ansel Adams was always my inspiration, and I would dream of the American West while living in Northern New Jersey for the first 60 years of my life.

                      My interest in serious photography had faded a bit until I joined the club and had my childhood passion reignited. I slowly improved my artistic and technical photographic skills through feedback from the monthly competitions and from fellow members who kindly showed me that there was still a lot that I could learn from those with greater expertise.

                      I am currently serving the club as Treasurer, and look forward to sharing with club members many creative years in the future.

                      Bill Theis

                        Bill Theis. New to SRPS.  Been photographing with view cameras for 50 years, mostly on the Colorado Plateau. I have only been actively showing my work to the public since I retired about a dozen years ago in various galleries here in Sonoma and participate in open studios including Art Trails and Art at the Source.

                        I started my own photography business at the age of 16 doing portrait, wedding, and commercial photography.  Few can claim making enough money to pay for all the college bills but I can for a B.S, M.A. and PhD in physics from the University of Texas.  Besides being employed as photojournalist for the local newspaper and high school annual, I lettered in Football, not as a player but as the team movie photographer!  During these years, I was living on a Texas farm where my creative side was nurtured by many abstract images of farm implements and old buildings.  I  purchased my first view camera when I moved to Ohio, where I photographed the Midwest, the Appalachian Mountains, and Canada which were complemented with annual trips west of the Rockies that began in 1966 and continue to this day.  I retired from Federal Civil Service and relocated to Sonoma wine country in 2011. My photographs from over 50 years of dedication to photography can be found internationally in private collections and was selected for inclusion in the permanent collection of the Shanghai Public Library.


                        Steve Muench

                          Steve Muench*, your Competition Chair

                          Me - self

                          *How Do You Pronounce “MUENCH”?

                          By Karl Muench, M.D. [my uncle]

                          “Muenches get the question often: how do we pronounce our name? …As a non-speaker of German, I must improvise. My personal answer is, “Minch, rhymes with pinch!”

                          For the story of how the pronunciation changed an election, see: https://www.muenchfamilyassociation.com/pronunciation-story.html


                          About me:

                          First given a 1904 Brownie box camera in 2nd grade (1962) by my maternal grandmother, and later doing darkroom processing for my junior-high & high school yearbooks, I also did the 16mm filming of my high-school football games, which really developed my eye as the camera had to track the ball no matter where the action went.

                          During my career as a self-educated, self-employed computer technical architect, I only did occasional photos & videos. It was Xmas 2008 when I got my first serious camera: a Canon 5D MkII with 5 lenses.

                          I am inspired and humbled by 3 photographic greats to whom I’m related: Josef Muench, his son David**, and David’s son Marc (different branch, same ancestral lineage), and endeavor to evolve my own unique style, while growing to achieve equivalent standards of excellence.

                          My SRPS history coming soon…


                          **About David Muench and his photographic influence:

                          In describing David Muench’s photography, it has been said that David Muench is to color photography as Ansel Adams is to black & white…

                          …(See From: https://www.rwongphoto.com/gallery/top-10-influential-nature-photographers-alltime/ )


                          From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_muench :

                          “His first Arizona Highways cover was published in January 1955 at the age of 18,[3] and he has continued to work with the magazine since then.[4] In December 2015, to celebrate seven decades of collaboration, Arizona Highways dedicated an entire issue of the magazine to Muench, the first time they had done so for a single person.[5]

                          At the recommendation of Ansel Adams, more than 200 images by [David] Muench are archived in the collection of the Center for Creative Photography.[6] 


                          Although he has done a few exhibits,[7] [David] Muench chose the coffee table book as the main vehicle for his photography.

                           [David] Muench’s classic work consists mostly of wild landscapes photographed with a 4×5 film camera. His signature compositional technique is the near-far wide-angle view where a carefully selected foreground ties in with the background.[12][13] He also paid particular attention to the “timeless moments”, times of transition such as sunrise, sunsets, and the edge of storms.[14][15] Other innovations in landscape photography include the use of telephoto lenses, fill light and in-camera double exposures.[16]”

                          Discovered in the SRPS stuff at LBA&GC are several David Muench coffee table books. I am very thankful to be receiving them as we close out our history at LBA&GC.

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