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      The year is coming to a close, holidays are approaching, and we don’t have a club holiday banquet, as in the past, but I would like to invite all of you to a Winter Social Gathering at my home in Sebastopol!  The date will be December 10.  I am suggesting a starting time of 4:30 pm to allow for  daylight to find my house and park cars.  I will provide a big pot of soup as well as non-alcoholic drinks and other goodies that catch my eye as the time approaches.  If everyone would bring something to share, we will indeed have a banquet this year!  Spouses, partners, whatever, welcome and encouraged to attend!

      Host:  Jennifer Marano

      Date:  December 10, 2022

      Time:  4:30 PM

      Address:  6476 Lone Pine Road, Sebastopol

      Special Directions:  The house is on a lane off Lone Pine Road.  There is a cactus and succulent nursery, Lone Pine Gardens, at the beginning of the lane.  Drive down the lane past the nursery and keep left on the paved road until you reach the last house.  The gate will be open and the number 6476 is posted to the left of the gate.  There is a house just before my gate that sometimes confuses people.  Their gate will be closed. Just keep bearing to the left and you will quickly arrive!

      I hope to see many of you at the gathering!



        Thank you Jennifer! Is this RSVP?


        Craig Deasy

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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