Photo Competition with Frederic Larson

Categories: Pictorial, Travel, Journalism, Monochrome

Bio: Frederic Larson Pulitzer Prize Finalist was a photojournalist at the San Francisco Chronicle for thirty years, where he covered all types of assignments – from fires to football, earthquakes to celebrities. It is his intimate photos of nature – particularly of the sun, moon, and fog – at play with San Francisco’s monuments and icons that have captivated readers for years. His photography book titled Mystical San Francisco is a wealth of breathtaking photographs shot from unusual camera angles and imaginative viewpoints provide new perspectives on the beauty and magic of the City by the Bay–under moonlight, shrouded in fog including writings from Herb Caen. Now retired and host to “Friends of Photography” MeetUp group with over 1700 members.
What I look for in judging photographs: In our daily lives we are surrounded by natural beauty and interesting people with great photo stories to tell.  As (you) a photographer hopefully one can inspire the public by capturing an image that has a “Great Moment in Great Light.” My ultimate goal in making any photograph is to tell a compelling story in just one frame. 



Topic: Photo Competition with Frederic Larson
Hosted By: Bill Stacy
Start: Thursday, Sep 9, 2021 06:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours 0 minutes