Zoom Photo Competition with Judge Becky Jaffe

Categories: Pictorial, Nature, Travel, Monochrome, and Critique/Feedback

About Becky Jaffe


A photographer and educator, Becky Jaffe exhibits her photography in over forty galleries and museums nationwide, curates multimedia exhibits in community art centers and greenhouses, and teaches Art of Seeing courses for fine art photographers. Her photographs have been published in LensWork, SHOTS Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Bay Nature Magazine. She was the 2019 Artist-in-Residence at the UC Botanical Garden, where she teaches photography workshops that cross-pollinate the arts and sciences, using an artistic lens to study ethnobotany, ecology, and evolutionary biology. She teaches photography internationally as a lecturer for Cal Discoveries Travel in countries such as Japan, Australia, Panama, and Egypt. She is a botanical evangelist, an apostle of photons, and a brazen peddler of ontological awe.


Judging philosophy: I know I will see gorgeous and moving photography when I attend a camera club meeting. I am less interested in ranking and sorting this beauty than I am in leveraging the competition as a platform for learning from each other’s gifts and talents, so that we each might come away from the evening with additional tools in our artistic toolbox, a dose of collective inspiration, and a visceral yearning to create ever more exquisite art. I take a multidisciplinary approach to judging images, analyzing both form and content, naming aesthetic techniques and wrangling with the tacit emotions and multiple meanings of each image. If you would like to pander to the judge, show me images that transform light and shadow into raw wonder.



Topic: Zoom Photo Competition with Judge Becky Jaffe
Hosted By: Bill Stacy
Start: Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024 08:37 PM
Duration: 45 minutes